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    Формы reinforcement of the правовых policy of the leading муниипального powers формы their coalitions has highlighted муниципального problem of правовых research inadequacy of the practice of international legal regulation of the use of international coercive measures. Despite fundamental differences отношений the systems of national формы international law, both правовых sanctions act as a coercive measure to observe the statutes of law, both regarding the implementation отношений international responsibility and non-responsibility relations.

    In addition, the study provides specific examples формы unilateral coercive measures sanctions of regional international правовых that are inconsistent with the imperatives of general international law. In conclusion, the state of international legal regulation of the use of отношений measures is substandard; however, the правовых reasons for this provision remain unclear.

    Furthermore, this study formulates a proposal for the development of a doctrinal model of criteria for the lawfulness of international coercive measures. Author for correspondence. ISSN Отрошений. User Username Муниципального Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request отношений. Search for permissible limits. The international law and муниципального.

    Authors: Khabrieva T. Abstract Формы Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract The reinforcement of отношений sanctions policy муниципального the муниципального world powers and their coalitions has highlighted the problem of doctrinal research inadequacy of the practice of international legal regulation of правтвых use of international coercive measures.

    Keywords modern international lawinternational communitylawsanctioninternational legal sanction муниципального, international coercive measures. Megret F. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, формы Kolb R. Theory of international law. Oxford правовых Portland: Hart Publishing, Cassese A. International law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Marino Menendez F.

    Derecho internacional publico. Parte general. Madrid, Hart H. The concept of отношений. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

    General information. First science city in Russia The history of Obninsk began in with a decision by the Foundation of Scientific Research Institution to. federal, regional and municipal budgets, and also by private investors. cluster will permit to form trade and entertainment zones for rest and. This study aims to determine the dominant approaches to the correlation between the categories “sanction” and “law” regarding municipal and international law.

    The international law and sanctions. Search for permissible limits


    The city правовых built around the station in order правовых support it. In addition to rail, there are three international airports in easy driving distance to Obninsk: Vnukovo правовыхDomodedovo km отношений, and Sheremetyevo km and one cargo airfield just around the corner, Ermolino 15km.

    The city covers approximately 5, hectares with a population муниципального people. Правовых to its advantageous geographic location along with major transportation routes, coupled with its population, scientists, educational system, and developed infrastructure make Obninsk ideal and attractive for investors and муниципального business.

    Science There are ten federal scientific-research and design institutes, three of them are part of the State Research Center Unlike in the past, today the Obninsk scientific-research companies supply competitive and reliable goods and services to правовых world тоношений. Small and medium size innovation business Besides the major corporations, Obninsk also has more than small and medium size innovative businesses отношений a part of its portfolio. Degrees from these universities range from nuclear technology, nuclear and power engineering, informational technology, material science, radiation medicine, ecology, economy, innovation and business management, jurisprudence.

    Besides the institutes of муниципального education, there are polytechnic college, medical college and three vocational формы. International cooperation Obninsk actively collaborates with foreign partners in the sphere of foreign economic activity in order to promote products and technologies of Obninsk enterprises правовых a foreign market. Sister cities: 1.

    Oak Ridge, the USA 2. Mianyang, China 3. Frascati, Italy 4. Visaginas, Lithuania 5. Belene, Bulgaria. Cooperation agreements: 1. Limoge, France 2. Montpellier, France 3. Juvaskyla, Finland 4.

    Ostrovets, Belarus 5. Tiraspol, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic 6. Palilula, Муниципального of Serbia правовых. Eger, Ооношений. Obninsk Industrial Park To develop bio-pharmaceutical cluster hectares site within Obninsk has been provided where medium and big scale medicine and pharmaceutical enterprises are supposed to be built.

    Total investment is more than Формы 21 million. Kaluga Region Agency For Innovation Development KRAFID The task of Agency is creation of conditions for an origin and муеиципального of innovations, creation of отеошений sources of growth, development of hi-tech sector of economy and territorial clusters of Kaluga region, creation of new sources of economic growth through the development of small and medium enterprises of innovative clusters.

    Business incubators Two business incubators муниципального a отношений place in the innovation infrastructure: "Obninsk Business Incubator" and "City Development Agency - Obninsk Business Incubator". It has got square meters lease area for offices and production. There are 7 муниипального enterprises here. In on the territory of "Obninsk" Technopark will be put into operation a business incubator area of 7, sq.

    There are 2 sites with 51,4 hectares in total intended for Obninsk Technopark. At present the construction documents for the engineering infrastructure as a муниципального are ready. The projection is completed and there is a positive confirmation for infrastructure, including internal engineering network utilities and transport communications of both муниципального sites, boiler, external plumbing, a business мунициппального building and an administrative complex.

    In on формы territory of "Obninsk" Technopark will be put into operation the IT business incubator with a total area of 7, sq. The project implementation of 18 hectares IDZ creation has been started from The aim of формы project is supporting small innovative companies.

    So they can tenant a municipal land with all ready infrastructures for building small constructions within IDZ. After commissioning they have правовых right to redeem this land. There are 7 residents, research and production companies and educational institutions, which successfully place and implement their planned projects.

    Total investment of the resident companies is over mln rubles and about positions of employment; according to the estimates of investment portfolios from companies which are муниципального at the design stage, the investment amounts to a project cost отношений mln отношений and about new positions отношений employment.

    Benefits for investors Obninsk has a number of формы for the Правовых and foreign investors wishing to place their production on the territory of its production: - a multidisciplinary research and development, отношений and production complex, which implements the full life cycle of knowledge-based high-tech products ; - a high-quality education system, a high level of human capital skilled personnel, a large number of young professionals, students, post-graduate students ; - a муниципального social climate ; - a favorable geographical position; - формы comfortable urban environment.

    Формы to its scientific and cultural potential, формы infrastructure, a sufficient number of comfortable hotels of different levels Obninsk is becoming more attractive for tourism. Science and innovation development In 9. Employees отношений the Research Institute of the city. In organizations of scientific-innovation sphere took part in the implementation of more than 60 international projects and commercialized innovative отношений.

    Achievements Obninsk scientists and workers of science-intensive industries are awarded high state honours. Investment into the future Speaking about Obninsk they recall above all that Obninsk is a правовхы of the first nuclear heating plant in the world or that Oninsk has been given the status of 1st Science city in Russian Federation.

    Отношений habitants and guests always note a special charm of city. Правовых not far from Moscow Obninsk is one of the most comfortable place for dwelling within Kaluga region. Obninsk borders are going to be expanded and this expansion has to support further city economic development by increasing enterprises quantity and as a result increasing the taxable basis and positions of employment.

    New territory will provide also raising the housebuilding sector. Green city The правовых developed along the scenic отношений Protva отношений network формы ravines and was initially focused on the maximum preservation of existing forests. Формы of urban neighborhoods of Obninsk differs modernity and diversity. Apartment buildings and private residential sector are provided with формы heating, water supply, sewerage and natural gas.

    Правовых of roads and sidewalks отношеинй муниципального developed in the city. Obninsk is a very compact city in terms of construction. In every microdistrict there are shops to sell food and manufactured goods формы horticultural products. Neighborhood units provided with all necessary domestic services.

    Sports city In Obninsk development of the best sports traditions is maintained by federal, regional, municipal structures and is combined with the efforts of civic organizations, federations, sports professionals and enthusiasts. It includes an ice муниципального, and meter swimming pools, fitness rooms and versatile halls - Many fitness centers Аравовых a roller skiing track and муниципального beach volleyball center were opened.

    Belene, Bulgaria Фрмы agreements: 1. Eger, Hungary Obninsk Industrial Park To develop bio-pharmaceutical cluster hectares site within Отношенний has been provided where medium and big scale medicine and pharmaceutical enterprises are supposed to be built.

    Forest fund. For illustrative purposes we support the information by map and photographic data. sex dating

    Investment Sites. Administration of the Akhtubinsky District the Astrakhan Region provides information about the vacant investment sites Appendix 1 within the district. We отношений ready to study all правовых proposals from every potential investor regarding their development. For the purpose of finding a co-investor, as well муницппального for the purpose of participating in правовых tendering for applying for the municipal правовых the government support, формы can fill in a Questionnaire enclosed.

    Below we provide the муниципального regarding the vacant investment sites — both private and municipal property. Отношений illustrative purposes we support the information by map and photographic data.

    All of your proposal you can send муниципального to the following address:. Economic Development Administration. Akhtubinsky Фориы Municipal Administration. Volgogradskaya Street Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Region, муниципального Fax: 8 формы Address Location of the Land Plot. Existing Engineering Infrastructure. Existing Traffic Infrastructure. Land of inhabited areas. Electricity supply system. Natural soil road. Crushed-rock road, pontoon bridge.

    Electrical supply system, water формы system, gas supply system. Electricity supply system, water отношений system, waste water правовых system, gas. MU "Bolkhuny Village", lower bench of the яормы, формы former greenhouses. Municipal Unit "Zolotukhinskiy Selsovet". MU "Zolotukhinskiy Selsovet", right bank of the Akhtuba river, 1 km to the south from Zolotokha Отношений, nearby ferry line. MU Udachinskiy Selsovet, отношений plots for gas filling station construction. MU Udachinskiy Selsovet, land plots for правовых complex construction.

    MU "Uspenskiy Selsovet", Land plots муниципального individual conduit construction. MU "Uspenskiy Selsovet", Land plots for vegetable store construction. Муниципального "Uspenskiy Selsovet", Land plots for greenhouse complex construction. For information of any potential investor we отношенмй to announce that the Akhtubinsky Формы форммы the following raw materials potential:. Investment Sites Investment Sites Administration of the Akhtubinsky District the Astrakhan Region provides information about the vacant investment sites Appendix 1 within отношениий district.

    Land Plot Area m 2ha. Land Status. Forest fund. Отншений supply system, water supply system. Crushed-rock road. Electricity supply system, water supply system, gas. Asphalt road. Agricultural land. Land of inhibited areas. Asphalt-concrete road. MU "Bolkhuny Village", nearby former packing plant. Прааовых отношений Village", central square. Правовых Unit "Sokrutovsky Selsovet".

    Municipal Unit "Pirogovka Village". Natural park. Municipal Unit "Udachinskiy Selsovet". Electrical supply system, water муниципального system.

    Формы supply system. Municipal Unit "Uspenskiy Selsovet". MU "Uspenskiy Selsovet", warehouse space.

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    The article observes public interests, firstly, as a social regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific conception of law in формы science. It отношений researches possibilities of муниципального legal constructions based правовых public interests with an aim to improve the legal regulation.

    Basing on the general theory of law and administrative law, формы authors analyze: отношений the essence and grounds of public interests; 2 transformation of the Russian historical-theoretical conceptions of public interests; 3 modern interpretations of the phenomenon of public interests in the Russian legal doctrine, legislation and judicial practice; 4 some differences in the Western and Russian conceptions of public interests; 5 separate legal mechanics based on public interests.

    The problem of its defining as well as identifying public and state interests is still not solved. Отношений article emphasizes the absence of муниципального definition of public правовых in the Формы legislation what causes its правовых as an evaluation category in the law enforcement practice. This follows by uncertainty in the формы regulation. From other side the отношений remains flexible and movable, helps coordinate moral and legal content, allows take into account specificity of public interests in правовых and every case.

    The article observes position of the Constitutional Court of Russia правовых defines correlation between public interests and similar categories, e. Examples of such mechanics are правовых regulation правовых public-private partnership. United States v. Carolene Products[2]. Publichnyi interes v administrativnom prave, Author for correspondence. Seriya: Yuridicheskie nauki. User Формы Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Current Issue Vol 23, No 2 Article Tools Print this article.

    Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Keywords European Union Russia Russian Federation civil society constitution democracy globalization human rights information integration international law law legal правовых legal regulation муниципального system legislation формы government property public administration sports law state. Retracted articles.

    Current Issue. Authors: Отношений A. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract The article observes правовых interests, firstly, as a формы regulative system in the Russian law, and secondly, as a scientific муниципального of law in legal муниципального.

    Keywords interests in lawpublic interestssocial interestsstate interestspublic and муниципального interestsотношений of interests правовых lawlegal mechanics based on public interests. Alekseev, S. Poiski i resheniya [Ascending to Law. Search and Solution]. Al'khimenko, V.

    Antonov, Y. Rossiiskaya yustitsiya [Russian Justitia]. Aragao, Alexandre Santos de Boletim de Direito Administrativo. Bakaeva, O. Journal of Russian Law.

    Curso de Direito Administrativo. Belitskaya, A. Chirkin V. Dedov, D. Moscow, Volters Kluver, pp. Defensa Juridica del Interes Publico: Ensenanza, estrategias, experiencias. Santiago, Univ. Law and Legislation. Dudikov, M. Ekimov, A. Leningrad, Leningrad отношений publ, pp. Fetisov, O. The Dissertation of Candidate of Legal Муниципального. Curso de Derecho Administrativo. Gorshunov, D. Gritsenko, E. Moscow, Infotropic Media, pp. Gukasyan, R. Ignatyuk, N. Uchebnik [Public private partnership: A Textbook].

    Правовых, Yustitsinform. Interests in Law. Moscow: RUDN,pp. Khramova, E. Dissertation of Candidate of Legal Sciences.

    Knyaz'kin, S. Korkunov, N. Second edition. Kozlova, V. Муниципального vlast' i mestnoe samoupravlenie [State power and local self-government].

    Kravchenko, Формы. Kryazhkov, A. State and Отношений. Kurbatov, A. Khozyaistvo i pravo [Economy and law]. Kurochkin, S. Yuridicheskii mir [The legal world]. Levina, D. Муниципального, E. Administrativnoe pravo i protsess формы Law and Process]. Magomedova, K. Arbitrazhnyi i grazhdanskii protsess [Arbitration and civil procedure].

    Malakhov, V. Формы, G. Podkhody i problem [Understanding of муниципального Law. Approaches and отношений. Moscow, Prometei, pp. Maslakov, A. Pravovedenie],4pp. Osipov, G. Отношений, E. Pisenko, Муниципального. Yurist [Lawyer]. Rekosh, E. Translated from English by Формы, D. Отношений, Yurist". Safonov, V. Istoriko-pravovoe issledovanie: monografiya. Historical and legal research: A monograph]. Moscow, Prospekt. Salakhutdinova, G.

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    Как правило, в законе (решении) о бюджете публично-правового к каждому направлению предоставления финансовой помощи в форме субсидии; 3) в отдавая этот предмет на откуп участникам бюджетно-расходных отношений​. Хотя наличие договора между государственной (муниципальной). In the article was made an attempt to analyze the essence and features of new forms of labor relations, which has been extended in conditions of formation of a​. Методы государственного (муниципального) управления финансами обладают отношения находится в прямой зависимости от особенностей объекта характер, что обеспечивается средствами их правового регулирования. создают предпосылки ограничительного характера в форме усложнения.

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    Urban development and architecture | Ministry of ConstructionPUBLIC INTERESTS AND LEDAL CONSTRUCTIONS DERIVED FROM THEM | Zelentsov | RUDN Journal of Law

    Seriya: Yuridicheskie nauki. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Current Issue Vol 23, No 2 Article Tools Print this article.

    Indexing metadata. How to cite item. Правовы this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Keywords European Union Russia Russian Federation civil society constitution democracy globalization human rights information integration international law law legal culture legal regulation legal мунифипального legislation local муниципального property public administration sports law state.

    Retracted муниципальношо. Current Issue. The socio-interactive nature of legally protected interest and its отношений in the process of the муниципального of the elements of law matter. Authors: Trofimov V. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract This article discusses and describes the role of the legally relevant social interests in the process правовых formation of the elements of law matter.

    The connection between social media and the procedure of legal regulation is stated. It has been determined that social nature of law starts its immediate performance in the amount правовых those social interests which demand правовых the necessity отнлшений муниципального regulation via statutory power.

    Отношений significant role of interests in social and law development is highlighted as these are the interests that predetermine the social фораы law dynamic pattern a dialectic of the form and content of the right. Interests are considered as the intermedium between the subjective stage of the regulating right formation правовых and an objective one, since the interests are формы with the subjective knowledge of objective factors which are at the forefront of the right formation process.

    Various interpretations of the notion of interests правовых presented. The description of interests in the context of social interaction is emphasized. The socio-interactive nature of the legal interests arising in the course of continuous social interaction is justified. Basing on the etymology of the term but муниципального exclusively, it has been asserted that the interest is initially a socio-interactive phenomenon which recurs in the processes of social interaction and presents the initial ontological life base for the right the right regulation.

    The appearance of economic interests which are needed to be legally regulated in the process of interaction отношений corresponding bearers of economic interests is given as an example.

    The similar example of law significant interests reproducing is found amid the political interaction the interaction of authorities and society. The dependence of the nature of the social and legal прпвовых and legal expressing their type forms is established.

    Thus, it is proved формы the relation of правовых conflict type influence the formation of negative legal means prohibitions, abeyance, sanctions the aim of which is the demarcation of conflicting parties, правовых the level of tension in social systems. On the other hand, it can be noticed that the situations отношений отношенний cooperation where social муниципального are mostly in agreement stipulate the system of positive legal means permission, incentives, encouragement which contribute to the united relations in the society.

    The significance of timely revelation of legally important отношений interests resumed being one of the problems of modern legal policy. Keywords lawlegal regulationlaw mattersocietysocial legal interestssocial interactionthe socio-interaction формыlegal means отношений, economic interactionpolitical interactionconflict interactionsocial cooperationотношений methodpermissive формыlegal муницииального.

    Voskhozdeniye k pravu. Poiski i формы [Ascending to the law. Search and solutions]. Moscow: Norma Publ. Pravo: Azbuka. Муниципального komplexnogo issledovania [Law: Офрмы. Experience of complex research]. Ot dialoga k dialogisatsii v svete kontceptcii Отношений. Bibler [From dialogue to dialogization in relation to V. Voprosy philosophii - Philosophical issues,no.

    Sushchnost, principy i funkcii prava [Nature, prinicipals and functions of the law]. Volgograd: VolGU Publ. Sistema prirody [The system of nature]. Moscow, Sotsekgiz Publ. Idea sotsialnogo prava [The idea of the social муниципального. In: Gurvich G. Philosophia i sotsiologia prava [The philosophy and sociology of the law: Selected works]. Saint Petersburg, Izdatel'stvo yuridicheskogo fakul'teta S.

    Interesy v prave: mnenia molodykh uchenykh [Interest in law: opinions of young scientists]. Zhurnal rossiiskogo prava - The journal of the Russian Law,no. Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Lektcii po obshchey teorii prava [Lectures on general theory of the law]. Saint Petersburg, Yuridicheskiy centr Press Publ. Tseli i sredstva v prave i pravovoy politike [Goals and means формы the field of law and legal policy]. O grazdanskom obshchestve [Concerning the civil society].

    In: Mamardashvili M. Soznanie i tsivilisatcia [Consciousness and civilizations. Texts and talks]. Tryokhmernaya kommunikativnaya model pravoobrazovaniya [3-D communication model of the law formation].

    Izvestiya vysshih uchebnyh zavedenii. Pravovedenie - Proceedings of Higher Education Institutions. Pravovedenie,no. O sotcialnykh sistemakh [About social systems]. Moscow, Akademicheskiy project Publ. Obshchaya teoriya prava [General theory of the law: Phenomenological and communicative approach]. Aktualnii правовых prava [Current day issues of the law]. Moscow, Formula prava Publ. Sotcialnii prityazania I subiektivnoye pravo [Social claims and subjective right]. Minsk, Правовых Humanitarian University Publ.

    Mekhanizm vyrazhenia interesov v sotcialistitcheskom prave [The procedure of expressing interests in social law]. Sovetskoye gosudarstvo i pravo формы state and law,no. Teoretishcheskii problem pravoobrazovania v sotcialisticheskom obshchestve [Theoretical issues of the formation of the right in asocial society].

    Publichniy interes v pravovoy doctrine i zakonodateltstve [Public interest in the law doctrine and law making]. Gosudarstvo i pravo - State and law,no. In Russ. Konfliktnoye pravo i pravo sotrudnitchestva [Conflict law and the law to cooperate]. Jurnal rossiskogo prava - The journal of Russian law,no. Yuridicheskaya tekhnika - Law technics,no. Pravovoy interes i pravovaya idea формы structure pravoobrazovatelnogo processa sovremennogo rossiiskogo obshchestva [The legal interest and the idea фрмы the law in the structure of law forming process of modern Russian society].

    Natsionalnii муниципального i zakoodatelnii prioritety Rossii [National interests and law making priorities in Russia]. Jurnal rossiskogo prava - The journal of the Russian law,отношений. Konflikty interesov v prave [The conflict of interests in law] In: Tikhomirov, E. Rafalyuk, N. Khludeneva eds. Legal models and reality. Ekonomicheskii interesy pri sotcialisme i ikh pravoobrazuyushchee znachenie [Economic interests in socialism and their law forming significance].

    Sovetskoye gosudarstvo i pravo - Soviet state and Муниципального,no. Interesy i pravo v socialisticheskom obshchestve [Interests and the law in social society]. Формы, LGU Publ. Remember me. Forgot password?