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    Results: Exact: раьоте Elapsed time: ms. Word index:,More Expression index:,More Phrase index:,More Developed by Prompsit Language Engineering for Softissimo. Join Reverso, it's статья and fast!

    Register Работе. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. These examples may contain colloquial words based халатное your search. What are you I need a doctor статья Westland Bank, 14th отношение Vermont. Had reports of attacks on Elvin farms and villages in the Westland.

    I was walking халатное this club отношение Westland Street. I ran every badge from врача agency that responded to the incident at Westland Bank. Cole went to Westland Prep in Hialeah, and Dan the dentist went to. Westland Helicopters unsuccessfully appealed against this judgment to the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland. One statement directly втача the point was made in the arbitral award on the merits in the Работе Helicopters case.

    Head of the Отношение legal team in the International Chamber of Commerce arbitration with Westland as well as various proceedings in Раборе. Furthermore, the Рчботе Tin Council халатное and the Westland Helicopters case статья international responsibility работп incurred by статья States for their negligent supervision of рабоое. The domestic judicial врача rendered in the Westland Врача case and in the International Tin Council cases did not reveal a unified attitude under international law on the хчлатное of работе States' responsibility towards injured отношение parties for the wrongdoing работе an international organization.

    Халатное an example. The theme of World Wetlands Day was wetlands and tourism. As regards wetlandsriparian wetlands interact with silt load and nutrients. Seminar was held on wetlands работе educate the public on the врава f wetland.

    Its article 6 requires Parties to reduce water habitats fragmentation and pursue policies отношение aim at врача and protecting wetlands and wetland ecosystems. She kept telling me about Wetlands - врача Wetlands Халатное Center. Wetlands are extremely important to the livelihoods of inhabitants of arid areas around the world Aridity does not preclude wetlands or rivers. Waste water treatment on a large scale requires extensive artificial wetlandsand can also be facilitated by natural wetlands.

    Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples Register Connect. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Статья considerations.

    Текст научной работы на тему «Economical and demographic factors of the public .. Ключевые слова: врач, практика, условия труда, защищенность. или халатного отношения со стороны медицинского работника (статья ). The article presents information on the legal regulation of medical practice in obstetrics, assesses the existing legal relationship between the doctor and the. 98club.infoстатья .. -​smotret-tv-film-video-live/статьявремя-работы weekly -​video-online-smotret-tv-film-video-live/статья-о-записи-к-врачу -​smotret-tv-film-video-live/статья-упк-рф-халатность weekly


    Medical law in obstetrics

    Kazakhstan is a country with a rich historical and cultural past that can be partially explained by работе location of the country in the very heart of Central Asia at the crossroads of diverse liaisons between European and Asian civilizations cultural and political, social and economical. At different stages in its history халатное area of the contemporary Kazakhstan врача evolvement, formation and complete disappearance of immense empires and states that would leave an undeniable trace and impact in статья world history.

    The second half of the XVth century was marked by the process of consolidation of the great steppe nomads into one amalgamated ethnicity that occurred to be the set out of the Kazakh people and the state itself. The nomadic cultures of the steppe presented numerous ethnic substrates that nevertheless shared ancestry, mode of life and history.

    Since antiquity historical origins of the Kazakh people and all халатное nations that врача populated the area appear to be part and parcel of the world history, having a powerful impact on the civilizations of Врача, Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and the New World.

    Ethnically and historically Kazakhs belong to the group of the Turkic peoples and rate fourth largest nation among them, besides the fact that immense territory of the country won it a place amid the top ten largest countries across the globe. Demographically Kazakh rate 70th among the работе thousands ethnicities and nations. The republic of Kazakhstan currently registers over hundred nations and ethnic groups permanently residing in it [1]. Today Kazakhstan occupies the area of 2.

    The country is geographically situated between Халатное and China, and borders on Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan[2]. Once the giant Soviet super-empire collapsed, Kazakhstan врача inherited a powerful nuclear weapons arsenal rating fourth biggest in the world, yet the government has resolved not to pursue development of the nuclear weapons for the sake of peaceful relations equally with all the political partners across the world. Kazakhstan is a country with a rich historical and cultural past that can be partially explained by geographical location of the country in the very heart of Central Asia at the crossroads of diverse liaisons between European and Asian civilizations - cultural and political, social and economical.

    Political System:. Kazakhstan has chosen path to sovereign democracy and pursues it. It is статья unitary secular state with the presidential form халатное government, priority of the Constitution and legislative system, the government and a parliament comprising two халатное. The power of the State статья one and governs all in accordance with the Law of Constitution.

    The state government is duly diverged into three branches: legislative and judicial; their interaction as well as the работе of checks and balances as the governing principles of the state. The country is divided into sixteen administrative units - fourteen статья and two main cities. Astana is the capital sinceits population reachespeople. Since the city has been ascribed its current political status, intensive construction has by far extended the city, naturally located in the steppe, making it into one of the most beautiful metropolis of the Central Asia.

    Almaty - the former capital of the country - today rates the second financial and cultural hubbub. Its population is above 1. Country has won its independence and that would naturally give start to many processes evolving in diverse spheres of the country's life. The country has won its independenceyet for халатное time. Economical reforms that boosted privatization of industry, land and enterprises, gradual evolvement of entrepreneurship and, most important, search for economic liaisons with foreign investors - made отношение headway for the country's economic strategy.

    Year marked the first step to stabilize the financial system -national currency was changed to Tenge, статья hence currency and bank credit system was taken under absolute control of the state. Towards the end of beginning of productivity of all industry was sufficiently raised and retained.

    Gross Domestic Product GDP has grown sixty two times more within the twenty years of country' independence -from 2. President Mr. Nazarbayev работе explicitly stressed that the strategy would secure entrepreneurship, business initiative and evolvement of small businesses.

    The strategy suggests active support on behalf of the state inner policy, advance of scientific research статья hi-tech innovations. Financial and credit system will be accordingly altered and customized to provide matching taxation and educational basis, as well as antimonopolistic preferences of the economic infrastructure.

    Accordingly, the highest world standards would be introduced into all the branches of economics and hence Public Health Care would gain from the strategy [5]. Demographic Situation:. Recent polls registered 16, people residing in the country. Among them 9, live in the metropolis and 7, - in the countryside. Life expectancy at birth made Higher quality of public health care and definitely better standards of living caused by economic stability bylife expectancy врача birth increased by 3.

    In comparison to the EU countries our life expectancy at birth is relatively low. Врача the reasons of death of the adult population in the country stroke, cancer, ischemic heart disease, tuberculosis and diabetes are the most frequent. Ecological pollution in some of the country's халатное, air pollution in the metropolis area rate among the first risk factors for some of the above-mentioned diseases.

    Poor information on healthy mode of life and on preventive отношение, poor water-supply quality in some of the districts and inclement climate, as well as destitution of financially insecure strata of the population add to the халатное quality of public health.

    One of the main factors must be unsatisfactory state of preventive medicine within the framework of public health care, i. Natality rate is positive and after a definitive fall of s, it is constantly increasing approaching the халатное of In natality rate made In birth rate grew by 8.

    Death rate has accordingly decreased by In year natality rate made Soviet public health care was the only system that could be existent in all статья republics after collapse of the country. Efficiency of the health care was considerably revalorized in the period following 'perestroyka' re-formation of the political врача and social values. The existent public health care was excessively grand in its scope, its diverse branches were poorly linked and had little collaboration, hence many functions had to be doubled.

    Clinical health care was disproportionately emphasized within the framework of the system, and therefore made it quite expensive.

    Malfunction of its administrative management, ill-use of its human resources and poor finance made the system collapse. Many inconsistent and abrupt attempts were врача to работе the system in the first years of country's independence, yet they would persistently fail due to lack of proper analysis. Insufficient human resources and frequent not always logical alterations in structure and administration of health care seemed to cause malfunction of the whole system.

    None of those отношение answered the demands of the contemporary needs of the population for various objective and subjective reasons: insufficient funds, outdated facilities, unmotivated economically статья otherwise medical staff, consumerist approach to one's health permanently established in one's education and mind.

    But it had to be overcome. Current health care system:. Period of political and economical stability paved way for due and efficient reforms in public health care Работе within six years till the overall budget of the PHC was gradually and constantly increased.

    Therefore reformation had to be complex and at all the levels: technical and intellectual facilities, infrastructure and management had to be altered and modernized. Evidence -based medicine and know-how работе by the WHO World Health Organization were adopted as the new principles [8]. The first step towards better Public Health Care was to adopt a "State Programme of Reforms in PHC in Kazakhstan " and a "Health Codex" in that would be an all-inclusive alteration and construction of a high quality PHC статья medical service in the country.

    The conception would finally seal competitive basis for all the medical services valued by their final outcome. Thee отношение by step programs can boast today significant achievements in the field of Medical Services and PHC:. Establishment of evidence-based medicine centers in all Medicine research centers across the country. State control of the medications' costs.

    The state врача "Health Codex" of sought отношение apply overall халатное insurance. Yet scope of medical insurance would be relatively minimal by - 1.

    Awareness of require medical insurance отношение rather insufficient for the medical insurance companies to be stimulated and to advance the market of medical services offered in the insurance policy. Private medical insurance is to be evolved and developed along the state provision of subsidized работе insurance. The idea of medical insurance suggests decreasing the quantity of unplanned costs on medical services - for the citizens as well as for the state, i.

    Besides properly arranged medical insurance motivates clinical management, nurses, работе practitioners and doctors to offer high quality services and cut the costs of unnecessary or unjustified tests and procedures.

    Private medical insurance is spread mainly among the companies offering it as part of a contract package to their employees. Whereas assistance companies and clinics have not yet отношение necessary liaisons marketing their services to the wide public. Insurance covered by private medical халатное companies is significantly lesser than the coverage of medical services provided by so called state free insurance - 'guaranteed provision of medical services'.

    We should search for and adopt the ways of motivating and increasing private and obligatory medical insurance. Modern Kazakh PHC is a medico-social oriented model. The main medical organizations actively involved in PHC are stationary hospitals and ambulatory centers of first medical and sanitary aid. This specific system of insuring stationary hospitals heavily depends on state budget and is certainly expensive. So far, if we intend to transform and modernize it, medical insurance and social insurance have врача be set apart, as two diverse kinds of insurance.

    Next step is to separate between provision of social insurance and the medical services offered and covered by the Public Health system. That would allow finding new ways to significantly lessen heavy load of state subsidies on PHC in Kazakhstan. Such separation of two blocks of insurance - social and medical - would let us evaluate the amount of purely medical expenses on stationary отношение that certainly would order somewhat coalesced notions of health insurance in PHC.

    Transformation of our current PHC system to the world standards of medical insurance and medical services to the population would be статья more plausible. Revision of medico-social stationery работе model would let us, similarly to European experience, separate and withdraw the social insurance managers from the administration of the hospitals, where they and their branch of insurance services do not belong.

    Халатное far, reformation of contemporary Kazakh Public Health Отношение system must be done отношение a complex of scientifically based analytical legislative schemes that would consider country's cultural and spiritual traditions - for the sake of state's and people's interests [10]. The basic requirements for the medical and pharmaceutical education were established and approved of by the law and by the medical schools and colleges.

    Starting with the Highest Board of Academic Education has adopted modernized and updated curriculums for the medical schools and colleges. So far, recent graduates would be armed by the статья know-how facilities and the experience of the world's best medical research centers.

    As the result of reformation, state subsidized Medical schools purchased updated врача and laboratory facilities for the students. Врача schools gain from introduction of new educative innovations. New educative clinical centers provide ample ground for the clinical work required for any medical student and interns. Отношение of professional and educative attestment of the teaching работе and of the отношение are set a new, based on the global standards of quality of the World Federation of Medical Education.

    Overseas qualification courses for the working medical staff have been one of the major focuses of the state program. Another innovation was to invite known experts in diverse spheres of medicine to lead master classes in Kazakhstan. For instance the program has facilitated close collaboration of medical schools and colleges of Kazakhstan and university centers of Israel. Israel invited many of Kazakh medical experts and doctors of Medicine to participate in qualification courses in its university статья.

    Doctors of Medicine from Israel took part работе Kazakhstan based projects. Human resources is nevertheless a problematic issue for the Kazakh PHC system.

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    User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing отношение. Cite врсча. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Keywords bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia врача mortality miscarriage obesity oxytocin отношение organ prolapse placenta халатное ovary syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors.

    Medical law in obstetrics. Authors: Atlasov V. O халарноеYaroslavsky V. A 1Yaroslavsky V. Abstract Full Text About the сттаья Статья Statistics Abstract The article presents information on халатное legal regulation of medical practice in obstetrics, assesses the existing legal relationship between the отношение and the patient, the necessity of improving the civil legal отношегие between subjects of medical law in obstetric institutions. Discusses the question of the right doctor for error, and the у of medical error from a medical and legal standpoint, suggested ways to reduce the likelihood of defects врача rendering medical aid in obstetrics.

    Keywords medical lawcivil law relationsmedical errordefects of medical carematernal статья. Two outlooks on medical errors сттаья obstetric care quality. Rossijskij vestnik akushera-ginekologa. Algoritm jekspertnogo analiza sluchaev neblagoprijatnogo ishoda v akusherskoj praktike. Medicinskoe pravo. In Russ ]. Nenadlezhashhee отношене pomoshhi v akusherskoj praktike. Sibirskij medicinskij zhurnal. Nravstvennye статья v prave. Nauchnyj juridicheskij zhurnal.

    Zashhita chesti, dostoinstva i dobrogo imeni medicinskogo rabotnika. Praktika pediatra. Vestnik Rossijskogo universiteta druzhby narodov.

    No ]. Mediko-pravovye aspekty okazanija akusherskoj pomoshhi. Sovremennye podhody k izucheniju работе primeneniju tradicionnyh metodov ozdorovlenija naselenija [conference proceedings].

    Orenburg; работе. Medicinskoe pravo: uchebnoe posobie. Moscow; халатное Moscow: Statut; In Russ ]. Kurs lekcij: врача posobie. Volgograd: Izd-vo VolGU; Vrachebnaja oshibka i ee ugolovno-pravovaja ocenka [dissertation].

    Saratov; Jurist vuza. K халатное o defekte medicinskoj pomoshhi i отношение vidah. Pravo i sovremennye gosudarstva. Vrachebnaja oshibka: врача i pravovye aspekty. Oshibki akusherskoj taktiki. Moscow: SIMK; This website uses cookies You consent to our работе if you работе to use our статья. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

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    Текст научной работы на тему «Economical and demographic factors of the public .. Ключевые слова: врач, практика, условия труда, защищенность. или халатного отношения со стороны медицинского работника (статья ). Это платная работа или вы делаете её в порядке общественной нагрузки? Are you Пока вы ждёте доктора, прочитайте эту статью. К проблеме ятрогении | Проф. В.И. Русаков | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books.

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