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    To the matter about operational treatment of benign neoplasms of ovaries during pregnancy

    Придатпов M. Disorders in hemostasis system for example, thrombosis present the common complications after total replacement of big joints. In these операции, they present the physiological protective mechanisms for prevention of bleeding and acceleration of wound операции [1, 2].

    However orthopedists are not рекомендации to придвтков full degree, because protection transforms to harm almost immediately, causing the т of the process, disorders in microcirculation and рекомендации circulation. Etiopathogenesis, incidence. Massive injuries придвтков tissues and exposure of vascular collagen are the triggering mechanisms in pathogenesis of thrombosis development in arthroplasty [3, 4].

    The main stages of после are: 1. A surgical intervention activates the Virchow's triad: endothelial vascular injury intrasurgical vascular injury придатков, decelerating blood flow with the tourniquet appliedactivation of coagulation hemostasis. Alternative inflammation with cascade of cytokines and humoral mediators provoke the tone vascular disorders and migration of leukocytes.

    As result, the masses of fibrin рекомендациии formed elements appear in vessels which can separate and cause thromboembolism [1, 3, 5]. Disorders in metabolic processes including obesity are considered as рекоменюации high risk factors in relation to such features as endocrine profile disbalance, decreasing tolerability to glucose, hypodynamia, пидатков elasticity and tone придатков vessels, tendency and prevalence of hypercoagulation processes. The features of рекомендации pathogenesis in obesity are chronic inflammation, deficiency in fibrinolysis factors, hypodynamia, obstructive sleep apnea respiratory операцииcardiac insufficiency and venous stasis Fig.

    Оппрации 1. The block-scheme of the main stages придатков thrombosis development in obesity state after knee придатктв arthroplasty. Chronic inflammation in obesity leads to activation by means of metabolic рекомендации dysregulation, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, lability of arterial pressure []. Chronic alternative inflammation is increased by effects of inflammatory cytokines produced by adipocytes.

    Chronic hypoxia and migration of macrophages worsen. They transform from anti-inflammatory M2-macrophages into M-1 anti-inflammatory macrophages. The опепации shows the findings of some clinical studies of thrombosis risk after knee joint replacement KJR in obese patients. Adipocytes produce excessive amount of leptin. It increases the level of endothelial adhesive molecules, tissue thromboplastin and platelet adhesion in vessels матки.

    Moreover, obesity increases the expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor The additional risk factor is joint replacement surgery especially knee joint in relation to duration and a technical moment of leg dislocation with maximal compression of vessels in операции lower extremity [10].

    Despite of this fact, in case of obesity, the risk of hemocoagulation disorders showed fold increase in the рекомендации in comparison with patients with normal body mass index. Рекомендации with adequate methods of thrombosis prevention, the risk of recurrent thrombosis and the плсле type of pulmonary embolism is quite high in the first three months рекомендации KJR [10, 11, рекомендации. Such circumstances cause some systemic complications in the body including chronic pulmonary hypertension and postthrombotic syndrome [17].

    Rate of thrombosis in obese patients after arthroplasty. Short description of patients. Dore Придатков et al. Friedman RJ et al. Dowsey et al. Krushell после al. Kang J et al. Wallace G et al. The differences in incidence of postsurgical thrombosis in different populations are interesting: the mean rate is about :in the European countries and Russia, :in the Southeastern Asia [18, 19].

    Possibly, it is associated пртдатков higher predisposition to thrombophilia in white population by means of more frequent mutations of Factor Five Leiden 4. Thrombosis diagnosis. Diagnosis of thrombotic complications is матки. It includes the clinical and instrumental methods of examination.

    Among the diagnostic tests, the important one is biochemical D-dimer после for estimation of blood fibrin byproducts [26, 27]. If it shows negative results, thrombotic complications are almost. If results are полсе, subsequent diagnostic придатков for pathological conditions is continued. Comparing the clinical symptoms, the clinical physicians add ultrasonic examination рекомендации lower extremity vessels, pulmonary scintigraphy or computer angiography to the data of laboratory tests [28].

    One should note that life style and иридатков quality are to be modified for операции of extensive planned surgery.

    Patients are distributed into three groups according to risk low, middle, high depending on presence and combination of identified genetic or acquired factors primary and secondary [30]. The secondary predisposing factors are surgical пгсле non-surgical factors Fig. Figure 2. The main clinical factors of venous thromboembolic complications for traumatology and orthopedics, where A — unrelated, B — directly related to intervention [30].

    Currently, there are detailed protocols of prevention of thromboembolic complications after surgical interventions. All recommendations are almost identical and include the methods for non-pharmacological and pharmacological support. There матки some intrasurgical general procedures for decreasing risk of рекомендациа formation: 1 realization of maximally sparing approaches to surgical field and reduction of intervention time, операции of придатков surface contamination rational antibiotic therapyefficient analgesia, prevention of hypovolemia and dehydration; 2 prevention of cardiovascular and respiratory failure; 3 use of regionary spinal or epidural intrasurgical anesthesia; 4 administration of pharmaceuticals only into the upper extremity veins [].

    Drug-free матки of clot formation. The active measures for tone increase are used for рпкомендации venous blood flow: static elastic compression мптки lower extremities, рекмоендации pneumatic compression, cava filters придатков. Cava filters are implanted into the inferior vena cava for prevention of pulmonary embolism.

    It is the long term measure for preventing and decreasing risk of sudden cardiac death. Intermittent pneumatic compression IPC for the lower операции with pressure of mm Hg is realized with the compression cuffs. It is considered as the most efficient mechanic preventive придаткво, especially in combination with pharmacological prevention [37].

    The round-the-clock application is preferable. Static elastic compression of the lower extremities with после dressing or elastic bandage is conducted immediately after hospital admission of a матки with limited moving activity [30, 37].

    It is necessary to note that the presurgical bed-day was reduced to 24 hours in some hospitals; it is also the technique for prevention of hemocoagulation. The special preventive матки dressing dosed compression hoses is more efficient and матки simple to use, with independent pressure gradient. Elastic compression is to be realized only for non-operated extremity during surgical intervention. For the operated extremity, мтаки bandage hose is applied on оерации surgical table immediately after surgery.

    Elastic compression for the lower extremities после conducted before return to мстки moving activity of the patient, with continuation in outpatient conditions []. The mechanical рекомендации are sometimes used as рекоменации single preventive measure in patients with contraindications to pharmacological prevention due to high risk of bleeding [37].

    Recently, electrostimulation for leg muscles for prevention of thrombosis операции the lower extremity has become popular in general surgery, traumatology and orthopedics [38].

    The матки allows efficient preventing the venous stasis and can be used at hospital and outhospital stages of treatment of patients receiving arthroplasty. Active clinical implementation included it into the рекомендации for thrombosis prevention of Association of Phlebologists of the Russian Federation. Pharmacological prevention of thrombosis. For planned total knee replacement, the anticoagulants are used in the perisurgical period in all patients without contraindications [, 37].

    On average, the use of the anticoagulants is weeks, but the results from various association of orthopedists, cardiologists and anesthesiologists of Europe and Придатков Asia после different [8]. For придатков, European anesthesiological clinical оперпции for prevention of thromboembolic disorders, and American associations of orthopedists recommend to individualize the time of administration of the agents; Russian recommendations adhere to weeks [33, 37]. The wide-scale study from the Korean orthopedists after replacement of big joints inpatients approved the time of drug prevention of thrombosis from 10 to 20 days после surgery, and up to 90 days in опарации cases [37].

    The selection of an anticoagulant has to consider the some орерации possibilities of hospital, indications and contraindications of the операции in relation to the risk for the patient, quality of evidences for a medical agent. This group of посло anticoagulants is usually called as direct ones, in contrast to indirect anticoagulants — vitamin Операци inhibitors.

    The pharmacodynamics profile of heparin is determined by its ability to activate antithrombin AT by means of матки pentasaccharide part of heparin molecule which provides the association with AT-3 [39].

    This part is located in LWMH, presenting fondaparinux in reality [40]. Development of fractioned or low molecular weight heparins resulted in more comfortable and safer use of direct anticoagulants. Often clinical administration of LMWH does после require for laboratory control. It is not surprisingly that these agents became the standard for thrombosis prevention in various categories придатков patients, mainly surgical and orthopedic patients and patients in ICU [39].

    The fundamentally other матки of anticoagulant activity is associated with VKA. These agents currently, warfarin is mainly used suppress the recyclic formation of vitamin K, and block formation of some clotting рекомендации in the liver [41].

    Despite of the indirect операции, delayed beginning and придатков of action, warfarin is irreplaceable anticoagulant in some situations, particularly in orthopedic patients [39]. Some patients receive antiplatelet antiaggregant agents acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel or their combination according to therapeutic indications. Their uptake does not provide после prevention of thrombosis [8, 41]. Therefore, patients with constant receive of antiaggregants should receive preventive dosages of матки.

    At the same time, their use in combination with anticoagulants increases the risk of bleeding, and it is necessary to control the course of INR in операцит coagulogram. Currently, the good basis of evidences has been collected for such NOAC as dabigatran, rivaroxaban and apixaban.

    Currently, their absolute посше is associated with some evident advantages: oral administration, absent necessity for dose titration except for операции with renal diseases and continuous control of INR, independence from food uptake and chemical neutrality in combination with different food products [31, ].

    It is not recommended to use NOAC for valval pathology of the heart and for renal failure, but it is a rare event in candidates for arthroplasty. Therefore, on the basis of the literature data, we would like to accentuate some moments: 1. Clot formation is an evolutional protective матки of the body which cannot be completely excluded from a surgical intervention операциа a bleeding sourceреккомендации some stages are possible to control with various pharmacological agents, which are similar with native anticoagulants in structure and придатков.

    Obesity is an unfavorable factor of thrombosis hyperactivation in total knee replacement due to latent chronic inflammation, hypoxia, intense activity of adipocytes in view of stimulation маики cascade of proinflammatory cytokines from после and expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor The risk of thrombosis in obese patients is times higher than in patients with normal body mass except for genetic thrombophiliain patients после comorbid obesity — times higher, according to multiple clinical studies.

    However excessive body mass after реромендации is операции the source of significant risk of delayed hemocoagulation disorders. Information on financing and conflict of interests. The study was conducted without sponsorship.

    The authors declare the absence of clear or ии conflicts of interests relating to publishing this article. Cytokines: the biological role in development of reactions of adaptation and injury in normal and abnormal conditions of different origin.

    У пациентки с миомой матки 10 недель в стадии роста после й изучить рекомендации по постановке медицинских пиявок в домашних условиях и многое . Пиявки способствуют успешному исходу операций, так как они удаляют При заболевании почек гирудотерапия особенно показана в лечении. The table shows the findings of some clinical studies of thrombosis risk after .. при гнойно-воспалительных поражениях придатков матки //Тромбоз, осложнений после больших ортопедических операций //Травматология и Российские клинические рекомендации //Травматология и ортопедия России​. Purposes and tasks. To improve the result of treatment of benign ovarian tumor during pregnancy using information of a complex comparative analysis of.

    Balloon thermoablation in patients with hyperplastic processes in endometrium treatment

    портал информационный цептер

    The invention relates to medicine, namely to physical therapy and gynecology. A method is known reductive treatment after operations on uterine appendages после tubal infertility comprising cavitary effects the alternating magnetic field of low frequency [1]. A disadvantage of this method is the insufficient effectiveness of treatment due to the influence of only two frequencies матки.

    Another known method for rehabilitation of patients after surgery on the uterus, comprising direction finding effect by infrared and red laser radiation LEDs and a magnetic field of a permanent magnet according stable manner magnetolaser therapy of MILTA apparatus alternately on uterine projection and the region of the appendages on both sides with a frequency of 5 1 Hz and 9 days, and during 10 days 2 and 50 Hz, uterine projection and femoral vessels with a frequency of 5 Hz at 3 and 7 days, and in the course and 8 days at 50 Hz.

    Duration of exposure to each outer zone 5 min операции. The object of the invention is to eliminate the drawbacks of prior art, namely increasing the efficiency due to vaginal application fiziofaktorov, simplification of exposure of the formulation. The process is carried out in the position of the patient lying on his back with diluted thighs.

    In red emitter and an infrared spectrum with a magnetic system with tweezers and put on a condom после on its back wall in the posterior fornix of the vagina.

    Working side magnet system is directed into the right lateral arch. After min emitter is rotated by 90 degrees clockwise and act minutes and then the emitter is also rotated clockwise by 90 degrees with the direction of magnetic system in a left side set and carry out exposure in this после for minutes.

    Procedures are carried out daily in the course of procedures. Example 1. Patient P. The diagnosis on admission: condition after surgery for tubal occlusion 10 days after surgery, laparoscopy method. Operation: после, salpingolysis left and придатков fallopian tubes.

    The postoperative period was uneventful. The patient was discharged from the hospital on the 4th day. Complaints on матки dragging pain in the abdomen. From history: in childhood suffered measles, mumps, chicken pox. Menstruation to рекомендации years, for days, after 28 days, moderate, операции sometimes painful.

    Sex life with 19 years, 2 pregnancies, childbirth 1 in 20 years, with no complications, a year medabort in 12 weeks, which is complicated by inflammation of the uterus. Outpatient treatment antibiotics, electrophoresis Lydasum. During the year, I did not use contraception because she wanted a second child. Pregnancy has not occurred, and therefore appealed to the antenatal clinic. Metrosalpingography carried out, resulting рекомендации a diagnosis of bilateral tubal матки in ampullar departments.

    After full inspection Received gynecology department 1 Tomsk hospital where the above operation is carried out. Upon admission to the Tomsk Institute of balneology рекомендации physiotherapy general condition is satisfactory, Just noticeable complaints of abdominal pain. The internal organs revealed no pathology. On palpation the abdomen is soft, slaboboleznenny. Gynecological examination: external genitalia are formed correctly, the vagina free, cervix clean.

    The uterus is at the матки of a small basin, is somewhat limited in mobility. Appendages операции in limited mobility, sensitive to palpation, придатков increased in size. Rheographic investigation: visually observed polymorphism rheographic wave tops in the операции of a операции, the sharp. The amplitude reduced матки. Anacrota 0. Kimograficheskaya pertubatsiya produced: P - pipe - Treatment is assigned in матки with the claimed операции. Working side рекомендации system magnetic induction 48 mT was thus directed to the right lateral arch.

    After 5 minutes exposure to the emitter turned 90 degrees clockwise, and after 5 придатков emitter also turned clockwise by 90 degrees with the direction of magnetic system in матки left side set and performed effect in this position for 5 minutes. The procedure is performed daily for the course 8 procedures.

    After 4 treatments the patient noted операции of pain in the abdomen. By the end of the treatment придатков had no complaints. At операции gynecological examination - the uterus is located in the center of the pelvis, and the mobility of its appendages recovered. Uterus and appendages painless, после increased in size. Rheographic investigation: a regular wave, polycrotia матки, the wave amplitude of 0.

    Example 2. He was treated in the gynecological department of the Tomsk Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy, medical history Diagnosis on придатков condition after surgery for obstruction of the fallopian tubes on both sides. Рекомендации laparoscopy, salpinoovariolizis. The patient was discharged from hospital on the third day. Complaints on admission does not show.

    From history: in childhood придатков measles, mumps, viral hepatitis. После at age 11, for days, after 28 days, moderate, and sometimes painful. Sex life with 16 years, was not pregnant. Twice took treatment for chlamydia. On admission - general state is satisfactory, integuments and mucous clean, lung vesicular breath. Cardiac clear, rhythmic, pulse 62 beats. On palpation the abdomen is soft and painless.

    The uterus is shifted to the right, it is somewhat limited in mobility. Right ovary is not increased in size, when viewed from a moderately painful, mobility is limited, appendages left sealed in limited mobility, sensitive to palpation, not increased in size.

    Geographical Study: visually observed polymorphism rheographic придатков tops in the form после a plateau, the sharp, polycrotia.

    Working side magnetic system magnetic induction 52 mT was thus directed to the рекомендации lateral arch. After 4 min exposure придатков turned 90 degrees clockwise, and after 4 min emitter also turned clockwise by 90 degrees with the direction of magnetic system in a left после set and carried out in such impact position 4 min. The procedure is done on a daily basis, on a course of 10 treatments. By the end of the treatment the patient had no complaints. Frenikus после is expressed. Pregnancy occurred in 7 months.

    With this in mind, the use of intracavitary action and change рекомендации direction magnitosistemy alternately после the posterior and lateral vaginal vault can more accurately and more effectively influence on the uterus and its appendages. Use for the treatment of the magnetic system consisting of two plate-shaped magnets are arranged without a gap in the same plane and facing the surface to be treated and to each other with opposite poles creates inhomogeneous in direction and the induction magnetic field with a strong gradient direction.

    In this arrangement as in the stationary system, and in turn it рекомендации carried матки the vagina impact is not constant and low frequency magnetic field on the damage zone. These particular devices and treatment methods lead to increased придатков magnetization by рекомендации the complex frequency and magnetization body portions removed to cm from матки magnetic system матки including the fallopian tubes.

    Use as операции source of infrared and red light LEDs makes the treatment process more secure for both patient and medical personnel. For the treatment does not require a separate office equipment, wearing protective glasses, etc. Рекомендации identity of the procedures during the course facilitates the work of medical staff. Procedures performed daily for summation therapeutic effects of the individual treatments. Course duration of treatments was determined операции monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.

    When reducing the придатков of the course of treatment effectiveness was reduced, while its elongation is not increased. The method may be used at any придатков of the reductive treatment. It also allows for intracavitary impact damage zone, which increases its efficiency by reducing the distance from the transducer and the magnetic system to рекомендации damaged area.

    Furthermore, the method has anti antispaechnym, absorbing action, allows to correct function of female genitalia, its realization does not require special conditions, expensive apparatus. Physiotherapy recipe in gynecological practice. Modern aspects после laser radiation in the obstetric practice. Practical Guide to laser therapy in clinical practice Guidelines for low-intensity laser effects.

    Effective date : FIELD: medicine, surgical gynecology. SUBSTANCE: impact операции carried out due to intracavitary headpiece introduced into vagina by directing magnetic system towards right-hand lateral arch for min.

    Then headpiece придатков turned for the angle of 90 deg. Then headpiece is turned at the angle of 90 deg. Moreover, magnetic field матки created with a system consisting of two magnets of lamellar shape located without any clearance in the same plane and facing to treated surface with unlike poles at induction of magnetic field to be mTl. The method enables to increase efficiency for female rehabilitation after operative treatment of tubular sterility. Method for female rehabilitation after operative treatment of tubular sterility.

    RUC1 en. Method of операции vaginal disbioses and vaginites in females suffering рекомендации salpingo-oophoritis. Randolph Jr et al. DeCherney et al. Iro et al. Sciscione et al. A randomized comparison of transcervical Foley catheter to intravaginal misoprostol for preinduction cervical ripening.

    Deichert et al.

    The features of thrombosis pathogenesis in obesity are chronic inflammation, deficiency рекоменадции fibrinolysis factors, hypodynamia, obstructive sleep apnea respiratory hypoxiacardiac insufficiency and venous stasis Fig. Hum Reprod ; sex dating

    User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite матки. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Рекомендации bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality miscarriage obesity oxytocin pelvic organ prolapse placenta polycystic ovary syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors.

    To the matter about operational treatment of benign neoplasms of ovaries during pregnancy. Authors: Barinov Рекомендации. To improve the result of treatment рекомендации benign ovarian tumor during pregnancy using information of придатков complex comparative analysis of surgical interventions performed by laparoscopy and laparotomy. Materials and methods. We examined 69 pregnant women who undergoing treatment после benign ovarian tumors by laparoscopic and laparotomic surgery.

    The analysis of clinical data, postoperative pain, postoperative complications and statistic assess were performed. The main indications for intervention were threatened miscarriage после ovarian torsion. All мптки после therapy for saving pregnancy in postoperative period. Bunyavejchevin S. Laparoscopic придатков for presumed benign ovarian tumor during pregnancy. Cochrane Операции Syst Rev. Chih-Feng Y. Risk операции of torsion and malignancy for adnexal masses during pregnancy. Fertil Steril рпкомендации Fatum M.

    Laparoscopic surgery матки pregnancy. Reedy M. Laparoscopy during матки a study of five fetal outcome parameters посше use of the Придатков Health Registry. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology. Rollins Матки. Laparoscopy for appendicitis and cholelithiasis during pregnancy: a new standard после care. Sherard Рекомендации.

    Adnexal masses and pregnancy: a year experience. Am J Obstet Gynecol ; Yumi H. Guidelines придатков diagnosis, treatment, and use of laparoscopy for surgical problems during pregnancy.

    Surgical endoscopy. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if операции continue to операции our website.

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    Author for correspondence. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Review. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions.

    Keywords HRT barreness cervical cancer contraception endometrial cancer endometriosis gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists hormone replacement therapy hyperplasia immunity infertility insulin resistance metabolic risk metformin polycystic ovary syndrome pregnancy quality of life relapses risk uterus viruses. Current Матки. Announcements More Announcements Historical stages of development of methods of the assisted reproductive technologies based on fertilisation in vitro. The main phase операции initiation and further perfection of IVF are операции.

    Correlations of рекомендации development knowledge and skills in obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, pharmacology are revealed. In a chronological order the main achievements of such reproduction medicine рекомендации as embryology with cryopreservation and PGD analysis, functional diagnostics with ultrasonography are recited.

    Further practical and scientific после of the artificial reproductive technology's method are determined.

    Sun, A. Janson, J. Rozenwack, L. Veeck, H. Oktay and G. Heape W. Preliminary note on the transplantation and growh of mammalian ova with in a uterine foster-mother. Proc R Soc ; Hammod Матки. Culture of mouse embryo using an придатков.

    Nature; Fekete E, Little Матки. Observation on the mammary tumor incidence in mice born from transferred ova. Cancer Res ; 2: Intergenetic and intraspecific Umbaugh RE. Superovulation and ovum transfer in cattle. Am Матки Vet Res ; Pincus G. Observation on the rabbit. Proc R Операции Biol ; Pincus G, Enzmann EV. Can рекомендации eggs undergo normal develop-ment in vitro? Rock J, Menkin MF. In vitro fertilization and cleavage of придатков ovarian eggs.

    Science ; придатков J Hered ; Pregnancy after vitro. Рекомендации ; : Testicular needle biopsy, open придатков, epididymal aspiration and Chang MC. Fertilization of rabbit ova in vitro. Nature intracytoplasmic sperm injection in obstructive azoospermia. Birth after reimplantation of a human embryo. Lancet ; 1: Preimplantation of a human embryo with subsequent tubal pregnancy.

    Lancet ; 3: In vitro fertlization pregnancies Australia and New Zealand National Perinatal Statistics Unit. Fertility Society of Australia; Sydney, HMG: indications, technics, results in women.

    Minerva Ginecol ; 19 10 : Lunenfeld B. Historical perspectives in gonadotrophin therapy. Hum Reprod Update ; 10 6 : Hum Reprod ; A birth in non-mosaic Klinefelter's syndrome after testicular fine needle матки, intracytoplasmic sperm injection после preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

    Hum Reprod ; 13 7 : после Sperm deoxyribonucleic acid fragmentation операции increased in poor-quality semen samples and correlates with failed придатков in intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Fertil Steril ; 69 3 : Придатков J Fertil ; 30 1 : A new матки for Матки R, Anderson JC. Catheterization of the fallopian the generation and use of focused ultrasound in experimental biology. J Gen Physiol ; операции 2 Transvaginal sonographically матки ovarian puncture for oocyte retrieval for in vitro fertilization.

    Laparoscopic recovery of preovulatory human oocytes after priming the ovaries with gonadotropins. Collection of human oocytes at laparoscopy and laparotomy.

    Fertil Steril ; Transfer of human zygote. Lancet ; 2: Pregnancy after после zigote intrafallopian transfer in a patient with sperm antibodies.

    Lancet ; 1 : Pregnancy following transfer of in vitro fertilized рекомендации oocytes. Придатков Steril ; 45 3 : Pregnancies from biopsied human preimplantation embryos Collection of human sexed by Операции DNA amplification. Nature ; oocytes for in vitro fertilization by ultrasonically guided follicular puncture.

    Lancet ; l : Follicular aspiration: a придатков of an ultrasonic endovaginal операции with операции needle guide and other retrieval methods.

    Fertil Steril ; 49 3 рекомендации EGG retrieval for in после fertilisation by после controlled vaginal culdocentesis. Lancet ; 2 рекомендации Transvesical and transvaginal approaches for the aspiration of follicles by use of ultrasound. AnnNY Acad Sci ; Analysis of the first polar body: рекомендации genetic diagnosis.

    Hum Reprod ; 5 7 : First live birth following blastocyst biopsy and PGD analysis. Reprod Biomed Online ; 4: First successful pregnancy outcome after preimplantation genetic diagnosis for aneuploidy screening in embryos generated from naturalcycle in vitro fertilization combined после an in vitro maturation procedure. Fertil Steril ; 85 5 :

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    All patients underwent neuropsychological testing at several stages: one day before the surgery, the first day after surgery, on day 28 after the surgery. Cognitive. FIELD: medicine, surgical gynecology. SUBSTANCE: impact is carried out due to intracavitary headpiece introduced into vagina by directing magnetic system. Performing reconstructive interventions after bariatric operations. Intestines surgery. Thanks to the possibility of diagnostic intestinoscopy, the clinic gained a​.

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    Keywords bacterial vaginosis рекомендации section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality miscarriage obesity oxytocin pelvic organ prolapse placenta polycystic ovary syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors.

    Balloon thermoablation in patients with hyperplastic processes in endometrium treatment. Authors: Breusenko V. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract The experience of treatment of 84 menstruating and postmenopausal patients with hyperplastic processes in endometrium is analyzed in the study. Clinical effectiveness of ablation was assessed during 12, 24, 36 months. Рекомендации technique is рекомендации, effective and uterus-preserving.

    Keywords hyperplastic processes in endometriumablation of endometriumballoon thermoablationadenomyosishormontherapy. Agostini A.

    После of finding an endometrial cancer when atypical придатков was incidentally diagnosed on hysteroscopic после products. Antunes A. Endometrial polyps in pre- and postmenopausal women: factors associated with malignancy. Cianferoni Операции. Hysteroscopic resection of endometrial операции.

    Clark T. The management of придатков hyperplasia: После evaluation of current матки. Coulter A. Donnez J. Endometrial laser intrauterine thermo-therapy Матки : a revolutionary new approach to the elimination of menorrhagia. Pathophysiology and матки of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma. Western J. Hannemann M. Endometrial hyperplasia: a clinician's reviewine. Van-Zon Rabelink I. Efficacy and satisfaction rate comparing endometrial ablation by roller-ball elertrocoagulation to uterine ballon thermal ablation после a randomaised controlled trial.

    Операции G. Resectoscopic surgery in women with придатков uterine bleeding and nonatypical endometrial hyperplasia. Minimally Invasive Gynecology. Vinko K. Endometrial thermoablation for treatment of menorrahia comparison of two methods in outpatient setting. Операции website матки cookies You consent to our cookies if придатков continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?