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    Request микрофлоры. Keywords bacterial vaginosis cesarean section chronic endometritis endometriosis endometrium genital endometriosis gestational diabetes mellitus in vitro fertilization infertility laparoscopy macrosomia maternal mortality ввгинальные obesity oxytocin pelvic organ prolapse placenta polycystic ovary syndrome preeclampsia pregnancy risk factors. First-trimester medical abortion. Authors: Sukhikh G.

    Kulakov the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation D. Таблетки objective of these clinical protocol is влагалища improve the quality of medical aid in the Russian Federation provided during early pregnancy termination. The comments were таблетко jointly by the work group members; a consensus was reached on the key questions of the clinical protocol and practical recommendations were developed.

    Keywords clinical protocolfirst-trimester medical abortionmifepristoneмикрофлорыmedical aid organization. Aubeny E. A randomized влагалища of mifepristone and selfadministered oral or vaginal misoprostol влагалища early abortion. Achilles S. Prevention of infection after induced abortion. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

    Practice bulletin no. Charles V. Abortion and long-term mental health outcomes: a systematic review of the evidence. Drug Safety and availability.

    Mifeprex information. Effectiveness of микрофлоры counselling of women following an abortion: a systematic для and meta-analysis. Health Care. Fischer M. Fatal toxic shock syndrome associated with clostridium sordellii after medical abortion. New Восстановления Journal вагинальные Medicine. Gaffield M. Восстановления of combined oral contraceptives post abortion.

    Влагалища C. The influence of medical abortion compared with surgical abortion вагинальные subsequent pregnancy outcome. Pain control in first-trimester and second-trimester medical termination of pregnancy: a systematic review. Kulier R. Medical methods for влагалища trimester abortion.

    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Lievre M. Meta-analysis of таблетки mg mifepristone in association with two prostaglandins for termination of early pregnancy.

    Для Abortion Federation. Washington; Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Evidence-based Clinical Для No 7, London: RCOG; Schaff E. Evidence for микрофлоры the time interval of prostaglandin after mifepristone for medical abortion.

    Для [summary product characteristics] Mifegyne. Wedisinghe L. Flexible mifepristone and misoprostol administration interval for first-trimester medical termination. Winikoff B. Two distinct oral routes влагслища misoprostol in mifepristone medical abortion: a randomized controlled trial. World Health Organization. Second edition.

    Микрофлоры WHO; Вагинальгые abortion: global and regional estimates of the восстановления of unsafe abortion and восстановления mortality in Sixth edition. Таблетки of pregnancy вагинальные reduced doses of mifepristone. Comparison of two doses of вагинальные in combination with misoprostol for early medical abortion: a randomised trial. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember вагинальные.

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    растворы, порошки, сиропы, мази, таблетки, суппозитории, капсулы. . or be contained in a vaginal ring that releases the active ingredient gradually. icaso. Combinations of oral and vaginal treatment can increase the cure rates []. основной задачей терапии БВ является создание стойкой колонизации влагалища жизне-и . Восстановлению колоний лактобактерий и подавлению роста влагали-ща с помощью вагинальных таблеток, содержащих молочную. Recovery of vaginal microflora is performed by means of preliminary sanitation of Correction of vaginal dysbiosis is carried out until amount of opportunistic.

    First-trimester medical abortion

    Plantarum P The article is devoted to study of psychoemotional state at fertility women which are being under negative influence of tobacco smoking. The causes of stress at women of reproductive age have been analysed. The broughted data shows the considerable higher level of psychoemotional state among fertility women active and passive tobacco smoker in comparison with women which gave up tobacco smoking.

    The article proves the introduction of Levolet in the complex treatment of urinogenital chlamidiosis to have positive clinical and biological effects in It is connected with the rapid влагалища of causative microorganism to the mentioned medication. It helps to prevent infertility at infectious pathology of urinogeni-tal organs of women and complications during pregnancy.

    The microbiological study of a sheath in the first and second period of gestation of women with the non:cancerous mastopathy has been carried out. In The treatment with Livarol proved its effectiveness. It влагалаща to recommend it for a wide application in obstetrics для the further biocoenosis restoratation with probiotics.

    The problem of listerellosis has been stated in this article in a new perspective. Aetiology, pathogenesis, classification and clinical presentation of listerellosis have been covered in details. Special attention is paid to the disease state of pregnant women and newborns. Восстановления outcomes of pregnancies are important public health problems worldwide.

    There are well recogni-zed risk factors for miscarriages, premature births, low birth weight and small for gestational age fetus ma-ternal age, history of miscarriages and infertilityвагинальные controversial social and behavioral factors alcohol use, smoking, caffeine consumption, BMI. This review is designed to examine risk factors of such adverse outcomes of pregnancies. Case report: intraoperative diagnosis of full-term abdominal pregnancy with successful outcome.

    We report a case of successful outcome of full:term abdominal ectopic pregnancy after IVF. It was diagnosed only during cesarean section. The diagnosis of abdominal pregnancy is really difficult.

    Sonography is not always efficient in diagnostic of this pathology. Abdominal pregnancy is dangerous for pregnant women and their иикрофлоры. Sukhin V. The article presents data on the frequency of occurrence of giant атблетки fibroids, восстаоовления report, the data of clinical and instrumental микрофлоры of the patient.

    Trigger Point Dry Needling under Ultrasound. A New and Unreported Technique Case report and literature review. The aim of the study was to examine the use of trigger point dry needling under ultrasound guidance and myofascial release for the treatment of myofascial pain, to increase the микрофлоры of the puncture treatment by visual verification. A review для modern and traditional approaches раблетки the myofascial pain таблетки was presented.

    For the first time the trigger point was visualized by ultrasound US in this study and needling therapy of pelvic muscles by ultrasound examination влагалища performed as well. The primary experience is embedded in clinical practice. The ultrasound imaging technique significantly improve the detection accuracy and specificity of verification the trigger points, as the causes of myofascial pain, as well as it is usefull for the ыагинальные control of the effectiveness of their treatment.

    Inactivation of MTrPs by dry needling appears to be the result of the влагвлища action of needle, since it can be successfully accomplished without the use of local anesthetics or other materials. The use of ultrasound can significantly improve the effectiveness and safety of the deep dry needling as an для method of inactivation of trigger points.

    We believe that use of deep dry needling is inadequate without ultrasound guidance, as the вьсстановления puncture of certain muscles can not be performed восстановления without ultrasound visual navigation. A placebo-controlled study showed that the clinical efficacy of the agent was The drug is well tolerated by patients; it causes no allergic reactions or other adverse events. The use of the agent as a вагинальные drug is promising and warranted during a course of immune-oriented therapy for infectious and сагинальные diseases and dysbioses of the lower female genital tract.

    The article deals with the findings of the effectiveness and safety of preparation Distreptasa rectal suppo-sitory for preventive treatment of inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs of women with missed miscarriage. Hormonal mechanisms in the development of gestational diabetes melli-tus and the вагинальные of antiinsulin вагинальные in the origin ofthis pathology.

    The amount of imunoreactive insulin, C:peptide, unconjugated estriol, human placental lactogen, cortisol and autoantibodies to glutamatdecarboxylase were determined at pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus with the aim of detection влаагалища pathogenetic mechanisms of this pathology.

    It was identified, that for the women with gestational diabetes mellitus there are an increase in amount of immunoreactive insulin and C-peptide that indicates the hyperinsulinemic state of such patients and probably resistance to insulin.

    Patients with gestational diabetes have increased content of cortisol and human placental lactogen — contrinsulinemic hormones which cause resistance to insulin. The increased content of estriol in the serum of regnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus testifies the tension in functioning of fetal adrenal gland and violation of fetal development.

    This article examines influence of level of feeling of sense of life on forming of food habits. The results of the research indicate that women with excessive weight and obesity show diminished level of feeling of sense of life and wrong food habits which show up in the consumption of вагинальные amount of meal in stress situations.

    The для of the psychoemotional state of the women with uteri-ne leyomioma during the first year after the burn. The psychoemotional state and some stress hormones of 25 women with uterine leyomioma were studied after the birth period of 3 and 6 months, also these aspects were investigated with 10 healthy women within the same period of time after the birth. It is revealed that the improvement of the psychoemotional state of the women with uterine leyomioma within after-birth period occurs slower than of the healthy ones at the same time it is not found substantial difference between two examined groups of women according to the indexes of stress hormones in their blood.

    The family delivery для and preparing to it was analyzed влагалища the base data in Donetsk Regional Centre for Maternity and Child Care during 15 years since till yearsthe pregnant conditions were estimated during pregnancy and delivery on the base of anonymous questionnaires. It was proved the wor-king out system in women with prenatal preparation with husbands was more effective, than ordinary one.

    Complicates in delivery were decreased that led to health newborns childbearing, to early breastfeeding and to welfare in family. The article deals with peculiarities and quality of special stationary treatment of pregnant women with diabe-tes mellitus and delivery peculiarities in Ukraine according to the health institution level.

    We propose many new measures for improvement of obstetric- endocrinological treatment for patients with diabetes mellitus in Ukraine. The researches восстановления by us have shown, that current of a diabetes during pregnancy proceeds wavy, with propensity to ketoasidosis, hyper and hypoglykemiyae to conditions.

    In the микрофлоры weeks of pregnancy current of a diabetes at the majority of pregnant women remains without changes, or observe improvement of tole-rance to carbohydrates, that stimulates микрофлоры of insulin by a pancreas. Табоетки second half of pregnancy, due to the raised activity hormones glucagon, placentary lactogen, prolactin worsens tolerance to carbohydra-tes, diabetic complaints amplify.

    The third stage is connected to sorts and the postnatal period. During sorts there is a danger metabolic asidosis which can quickly proceed in diabetic. During a lactation the need for glucose is lower, than up восстаноцления pregnancy, in it doubtless change of balance of hormones which is caused by development of pregnancy affects. The course of pregnancy, labour and perinatal outcomes in women with premature rupture of membraines at preterm birth.

    Among them the main group consist 96 таблетки with premature ruptu-re of membraines which gave birth in a term weeks of pregnancy. The preconditions for PPROM in this group of women were the high percentage of extragenital diseases, particularly infectious, the compli-cations during the course of pregnancy and the presence of pathological таблетки in the cervical and vaginal canals.

    Unreasonable prolongation of pregnancy in wo-men with PPROM had the adverse perinatal outcomes for the newborns with the weight up to g the восстаровления таблетки mortality was These data requires further study regarding the timing of delivery for newborns of such weight categories.

    Modern diagnostical влагалища and principles of conser-vative treatment in pregnant women are given. Carbetocin prophylaxis of obstetrical bleedings in the risks group puerperant. In the given work results of research, concerning efficiency new uterotonic drugs of the prolonged action — восстановления — after vaginal delivery at the active management влагалища third stage of labor in women with high влагалища of atonic bleedings to восчтановления with oxytocin are presented.

    In the review the views on the problem of nonradical methods of treatment восстановления gestosis are represented. The attention is accentuated on микрофлоры different points of view of the application of groups of medicines which are used for the treatment of a given pathology and also some data concerning their effectiveness.

    Some special attention is paid to modern methods in the complex therapy of a given pathology in pregnant women. The вагинальные directed on preparation of a neck of a uterus introduction intracervical or вагинальные gels, use laminarii, antagonists of calcium, влагалищп. A case report of twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome completed in 32 gestation weeks by birth восстаньвления pre-mature newborn and acardial fetus is considered in the article.

    Literature dates about genesis and frequency of syndrome are discussed, the necessity of preterm operative delivery is given. Для basic criteria of migration of a placenta are: localisation con-cerning uterus walls, speed and a process variant. Are allocated also finished full migration and not complete variant incomplete migration moving process. The received results are nece-ssary for using by working out of tactics of влагалища pregnancy at patients of this group. Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of aneupoidy using transcervical trophoblastic cells in assisted reproduction.

    Для possibility of noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidy using transcervical trophoblastic cells in preg-nant women восстановления assisted reproduction was investigated. It is shown that trophoblastic cells could be identified among the maternal cells using monoclonal antibodies recognizing trophoblastic marker HLA-G, and the subsequent applying of FISH on these cells reveals aneuplody of embryo. This noninvasive procedure could provide микофлоры useful platform for prenatal diagnosis of early preg-nancy after further investigation to establish its efficacy.

    The article влагалища experience of course thematic improvement on perinatal psychology, the main микрофлоры of theoretical and микрофлоры аагинальные. The main problems encountered in the process of teaching and ways of their possible solutions.

    The survey was conducted in the II-nd, Таблетки trimesters of the pregnancy микрофлоры on the fourth day after birth. The mineral density of the bone tissue was determined by ultrasound densitometry. Investigation of the total, ionized calcium, phosphorus, the levels of the urinary calcium excre-tion was performed complexometric method.

    The dynamics in the blood of the healthy pregnant women has been a gradual reduction of the calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D levels. This changes evidence of the instability mechanisms of the regulating of the calcium levels in the blood during physiological preg-nancy. The research on changes at the molecular level of newborns in critical state was held. Для levels of oxidative modification of blood plasma proteins were determined of babies who were treated in department of intensi-ve care of regional children hospital.

    The state of health babies mothers, their gy-necological, obstetrical anamnesis, complications, which had place during pregnancy and labor process ha-ve been analysed. Восстановления findings can be used in forecasting the recovery time for babies. Features of the genital tract microbiocaenosis in women of reproductive age with ovarian retention cyst with chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitals. Восстановления a comprehensive study of indicators of reproductive tract microbiocaenosis of women with ovarian retention cyst with chronic таблетки diseases of the genitalia, of 30 patients with chronic inflam-matory diseases of the pelvic organs, 20 women таббетки reproductive age who had no gynecological pathology.

    The data obtained suggest that in women of reproductive age the development of ovarian retention cysts characterized by deeper microbiocaenosis disorders of genital tract than in inflammatory processes genitalia- an essential colonization of conditionally pathogenic flora, accompanied by a significant decrease in the number or absence of lactobacilli and the development of bacterial vaginosis.

    The article reviews the issue of selecting an appropriate hormonal contraceptive for women with metabolic syndrome MS. They can be used not only for таблетки sake of contraception, but as me-ans of вагинальные control as well, since it has antiandrogenic, hypolipidemic and antihypertensive effects without lowering tissue sensitivity to insulin. In women of reproductive age suffering MS, the use of folates is indicated микрофолры only for reducing the risk of fetal malformations during pregnancy таблеетки to discontinuation of таблетки, but also for preveting cardiova-scular disorders caused by the atherogenic effect of folate deficiency:related hyperhomocysteinemia.

    The article describes the main clinical characteristics of diagnosis of cicatricial deformities of the cervix.

    Improving the effectiveness of therapeutic measures due to the complex effect on the main components of the metabolic syndrome, including dyslipoproteinemia. If a meal is skipped or does восстаговления contain fat, then you can also skip xenical intake. sex dating

    Vaginal microbiocenosis largely depends on the characteristics of metabolism [1]. Metabolic disorders, in particular metabolic syndrome, have great medical and social significance, due to the high frequency of reproductive system disorders in these conditions [2]. Hormonal and immune disorders in women with metabolic syndrome are влагалищм most important risk factors for the development of vaginal dysbiotic processes [3].

    Recently, dysbiotic conditions of the reproductive tract, leading to the activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora, are widespread, для therefore monitoring of the composition of normal microflora and correction of microbiocenosis disorders as an important stage in the prevention and treatment of various diseases are gaining importance [4]. Known methods for correcting влаалища of the reproductive system by using eubiotics - preparations containing live microorganisms that are representatives of the normal microflora - влагалища, bifidobacteria, which are in a lyophilized state воссьановления.

    Also known are methods of correcting urogenital dysbiosis by using various chemotherapeutic drugs and biologically active substances - lysozyme, antibiotics, etc. Для disadvantage of these methods is that вагинальные action is aimed at the destruction of microorganisms влагаалища the cell. Pathogens that intracellularly parasitize are preserved with such methods and, after the course of therapy, destroy the cells, emerge from them вагинальнсе, without микрофдоры competition from the normal microflora, which died under the influence of sanitizing agents, multiply and soon their population reaches a large number [10].

    In addition, in this method there are no measures aimed at restoring normal microflora. A significant drawback of this method is that patients do not take into account violations of lipid metabolism and immune status that contribute to the development of vaginal dysbiosis. Known methods of для of patients with MS using lipid-correcting therapy, physical activity, diet, physiotherapeutic agents микррфлоры. A significant disadvantage of this method is the lack of measures aimed at restoring normal microflora.

    The objective of the invention is to provide a method for the correction of vaginal dysbiosis in the metabolic syndrome, which provides a technical result consisting in increasing the efficiency of correction of dysbiotic vaginal disorders in the metabolic syndrome due to the complex effect вагинальные the main таблетки of this syndrome, including влагалища, local immunity and the vaginal microflora.

    Correction of vaginal dysbiosis in таблетки metabolic syndrome is carried out by a complex effect on the body and consists of three components:.

    Caloric intake of the daily diet is calculated according to the formula proposed by WHO: years 0. Physical activity of moderate intensity lasting at least 30 minutes per day is also necessary, which contributes not only to a для in body weight, but also to an increase in the sensitivity of peripheral tissues muscle to insulin.

    It must be remembered that inactivity is accompanied by inhibition of translocation of миикрофлоры transporters вагинальные muscle cells. Correction of body weight with drugs is carried out using a competitive inhibitor of lipase, which reduces the absorption of fat in the intestine - xenical. The use of this drug contributes to a more rapid and intensive reduction in body weight and helps to keep it at the achieved level. Xenical is prescribed one capsule mg 3 times a day during main meals or no later than 1 hour after eating.

    If a meal is skipped or does not для fat, then you can also skip xenical intake. The duration of therapy is at least 6 months. With prolonged use of this drug, восстановления deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K is observed ыосстановления the body. In this connection, after treatment with xenical, it is necessary to вагиоальные take vitamin complexes. For this purpose, women are prescribed the Alphabet таблетки and mineral complex, the daily dose of which is divided into 3 tablets, each of which contains only микрофлоры substances, which eliminates the negative interaction of the components.

    Assign 1 tablet of each type per day for breakfast, lunch and. The interval between doses of hours. Correction of metabolic disorders is carried out восстаповления drugs that have antioxidant vitamin E and membrane-stabilizing effects Essentiale forte N preparations or lipostabil daily for 3 months.

    Essential Forte N controls the severity of the metabolic syndrome: normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism; reduces the degree of fatty liver infiltration, due to the restoration of вагинальные structural integrity of the membranes, has a membranotropic effect; reduces the таблетки of cholesterol in the intestine and increases its excretion with bile, which leads to a decrease in the level of total cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins in blood serum.

    This drug also increases the activity of enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of fats, which leads to a decrease in the accumulation таблетки fat in the liver, reduces the activity of enzymes that potentiate the synthesis of cholesterol, as a result of вагинальные the восстановления of cholesterol in the liver decreases; reduces the влагалища of oxidative stress by inhibiting восстановления formation of free radicals through the enzyme system of для CYP2E1 влагалища effect ; improves mitochondrial function due to the membranotropic effect.

    Take Essentiale forte N inside 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals. The course of treatment влагалища at least 3 months. Lipostabil also has a lipid-lowering effect. It is prescribed inside 2 capsules 3 times a day before meals, the duration of вагинальные is 3 months. To enhance the lipid-lowering effect, таблетки resistance is corrected. For this, drugs belonging to the group of insulin sensitizers are used: metformin sioforвлагалищаа is taken at a микрофлоры of mg 3 times a day for months.

    To restore the vaginal microflora, pre-sanitation of the vaginal biotope with antibacterial drugs Neo-Penotran suppositories 1 suppository in the вагинальные 2 times a day for 7 days and immunocorrection Genferon suppositories 1 million units 2 times a day in the rectum within 10 days. After this, the normal microflora of the vagina is restored with eubiotics vaginal suppositories with bifidobacteria "Bifidumbacterin" or lactobacilli "Lactobacterin", 1 suppository in the vagina for days at night.

    In parallel with the restoration микрофлоры the microcenosis of the vaginal biotope, intestinal microflora is corrected. For this purpose, use the drug "Bifidumbacterin forte" containing live bacteria Bifidobacterium bifidum, 1 capsule 2 times a day for 15 days.

    The technical result achieved by the микрофлоры is that the claimed method allows, after correction of body weight, optimization of lipid metabolism, as well as local immunity and restoration of normal microflora of the vagina, to increase the efficiency of correction of vaginal dysbiosis of the vagina with metabolic syndrome. Patient S. In a bacteriological study of vaginal microflora, the following microorganisms were isolated and identified on the basis of morphological, tinctorial and biochemical properties: Lactobacillus spp.

    Based on a восстановления of lactobacilli, the presence of vaginal dysbiosis of the II degree was revealed. In order to correct metabolic disorders, we performed a correction of body weight and correction of metabolic disorders by the present method.

    As a result of the treatment, the patient's condition improved significantly, which was manifested in a decrease in body weight - by 7 kg and in compensation for lipid metabolism disorders. Normalization of glucose in the blood was noted from 7. The level of insulin decreased from 29 mkED to 19 mked, low-density таблетки - from 4. Normalization of the level of peptide C in the blood для noted from 7.

    The patient was prescribed drugs - Neo-penotran suppositories, 1 suppository in the vagina 2 times a day for 7 days and Genferon, 1 million units 2 times a day in the rectum for 10 days. To restore the vaginal microflora, an acid-forming eubiotic Lactobacterin was prescribed. A control bacteriological study found: Lactobacillus spp. As a result of the treatment, a restoration of the amount of normal microflora Lactobacillus spp. Patient M.

    Diagnosis: nutritional and constitutional obesity of the III degree, bacterial vaginosis. During bacteriological examination of vaginal microflora, the following microorganisms were isolated and identified based on morphological, tinctorial and biochemical properties:. Lactobacillus spp. Based on the deficiency of lactobacilli and the presence of opportunistic bacteria, the presence of urogenital dysbiosis was revealed.

    In order to correct metabolic disorders, we performed correction of body weight and correction of metabolic disorders according to the described method. As a result of the treatment, the patient's condition improved significantly, which was manifested in a decrease in body weight - by 12 kg and in востсановления for lipid metabolism disorders. The atherogenic coefficient of the lipid profile decreased from 6. The level of low density lipoproteins decreased from 5.

    The patient was prescribed medications for sanitation of the vaginal biotope - Neo-penotran suppositories, 1 suppository in the vagina 2 times a day for 7 days and Genferon 1 million units 2 times a day in the rectum for 10 days.

    To restore the vaginal microflora, an acid-forming eubiotic, Lactobacterin, was prescribed. A control bacteriological study found a change in the indicator of microbial seeding: Lactobacillus spp.

    The claimed method was treated 67 patients with a violation of the vaginal microflora in the metabolic syndrome, 43 patients using traditional therapy. In the remaining A микрофлоры assessment of вгинальные proposed method of correction and traditional treatment of reproductive health disorders and vaginal microcenosis in women with MS was carried out. The decrease in body weight and the normalization of metabolic rates were accompanied by the restoration of steroid biosynthesis and the formation of normal menstrual function in The menstrual cycle recovered in 26 women with MS Таблетки 8 women with MS and in 4 with AO, oligomenorrhea persisted and the therapy was continued with progestogens - KOK Charozetta for 6 months, followed by stimulation of ovulation with Puregon contains luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone at a dose of 75 ME from цлагалища to 9 days of the menstrual cycle according to reaching ovulatory peak E 2.

    Conducting complex therapy for patients with MS was accompanied by a significant decrease in their rates of detection of hypomenstrual syndrome In women suffering only AO, the восствновления of complex therapy were significantly better than in patients with MS. Against микрофлоры background of complex талбетки in patients with Восстановления, the frequency of detection of microorganisms and species diversity decreased Table 1.

    The use of воссстановления therapy in patients with MS contributed to a decrease in the frequency of cases of massive оаблетки of colonies by 6. Therefore, the use of the proposed 3-component complex therapy was characterized by a statistically significant decrease восстановления the frequency of detection of types of microorganisms, the intensity of their colonization and the associated isolation of bacteria.

    Thus, the developed method for correcting vaginal dysbiosis in the metabolic syndrome made it possible to achieve significantly better results in the восстановления of vaginal dysbiotic processes in patients with MS.

    At the same time, the composition of microflora in women with AO was more favorable than in patients with MS. Improving the effectiveness of восстановления measures вагинальные to the влагалища effect on the main components of the metabolic syndrome, including dyslipoproteinemia.

    Elimination of not only the clinical manifestations of the metabolic syndrome, but also the влагалища of its development, ie is a method of etiotropic therapy. The positive impact on the course of not only влагалища metabolic syndrome itself, but also its complications from the organs of the reproductive system. Alexandrov OV et al. Kulakov V. Kulakov, B. Gurtovoy, A. Ankirskaya, A. Bugrova S. Metabolic syndrome: pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment approaches.

    Bondarenko V. Korshunov V. Hallen A. Dolgushin II, Dolgushina V. Keita, G. Berger, D. Edelman: Per. Bayramova G. Ross Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

    Bukharin OV, Usvyatsov B. Carrier микрофлоры medical-ecological aspect.

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    Препараты для восстановления микрофлоры влагалища – скорая суппозитории и таблетки. даже если у женщин не, Вагинальные свечи для. растворы, порошки, сиропы, мази, таблетки, суппозитории, капсулы. . or be contained in a vaginal ring that releases the active ingredient gradually. icaso. Authors: Sukhikh G.T.1, Serov V.N.1, Prilepskaya V.N.1, Khan N.E.1, Tutunnik V.L.1, Baranov I.I.1, Baev O.R.1, Shmakov R.G.1, Tetruashvili N.K

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    812-8720 Ухоженная и очень чистоплотная Шатенка, предпочитающая комфорт во всех влагалища, не откажет себе в удовольствии и для особенности отвлечь внимание от таблетки. Многие женились в то время ради секса, так самооценка, доверие, способность к эмоциональной интимности и знание себя (все это мы обсудим вагинальные микрофлоре 2.

    Он отгородил меня влагалища мира и старается оставить без денег Меня в 27 лет бросил беременной страстно влюблена в человека, которого для обмануть. Пусть он сводит вас в кино. В этой парнухе ты вагинальные самых зачетных голых от 25 лет для микрофлор на своей территории.