Welcome to 98club.info, the high probability Forex trades forecasting service using Excel trading models and other technical strategies.

I am in the forex “industry” since 2010 and i have developed several forex systems to manage a family and friends money account which has been on a profitable basis for several years. I share the signals by some of these systems with 98club.info subscribers for a low cost monthly fee (subscription).

All trading signals comes from open orders updated manually and daily (Monday to Friday) in Open Orders section and when orders filled up -in Open Trades Section- updated also daily with  Stop Loss Limit prices. More about my trading system with code name “TS” you can read here.

(From 1 October 2017 i lanch new system with the code name “BR”. Its a time based trading strategy and instead my first one here in 98club.info [“TS”], trades not come from open orders (limit orders) but directly in Open Trades members page (market orders) with time window for new trades [if any] 22.30 – 00.30 and 06:30-07.30 GMT+3 every working day. More info about “BR” system click here).

The average of remaining open these trades is 14 days (including weekends and holidays) while higher and lower (have been observed so far) is from 1 to 38 days. The maximoum draw down for my loss trades (have been observed so far) is 8 in a row, so would not be wise choice to risk more than 2-3% of your money balance on a single trade…

Currently i monitor 12 forex pairs. Detailed archive for closed trades (since i run this service) you can check here (public page).

Please be adviced: a. 98club does not manage your money, its only a trading signal provider website with no external software or trading robots. To follow my trading signals just become 98club subscriber and login in the subscribers subpages (Open Trades and Open Orders) b. You are responsible for your own investment decisions & the past performance of any trading methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Full access to 98club.info Open Trades and Open Orders for 1 month, the subscription fee is 15 euro.

Payments via Paypal (Paypal Account: 98club.info@gmail.com) or Scrill.

No automatic renewals, no credit card required, just login in your Paypal/Scrill account and proceed to manual payment on the above account.

Do not hesitate to contact me at 98club.info@gmail.com for further details!

No more 24 hours after your payment will be sent to your mail the login info (username and password) so you can be part of 98club.info subscribers and access Open trades and Open Orders section.

Thank you for your interest and trust!

98club.info Admin.
your.. Dude Forex advisor!

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