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New feature on members pages

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Starting from this month i added a new feature in members pages (Open Orders and Open trades) the Comments on last updates to make it easier for subscribers to know what has changed since the last update.

Screenshot on “Comment on last updates” format in 98club members pages






Thank you for your trust Admin
Your… Dude Forex Advisor!

Trading its not a speed race

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

September concluded with the one of the best 98club performance so far: 9/10 trades and +1259 pips (Total Stats now 21/38 and +2264 pips).  I want to remind that trading it’s not a speed race but a marathon where our performance does not matter in each round separately but the final results, for example over a one-year horizon. Forex trading teaches patience and discipline, and temporary enthusiasm and disappointment must not affect our methodology.

I wish all friends a good month! Admin
Your… Dude Forex Advisor!

Happy autumn with a new trading system! (BR)

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Happy autumn to all of you!

As you can see in Closed Trades section and also in Total Stats in the home page we have been in a good period since the beginning of September and so I hope we will continue until the end of the year that we have a complete picture of the first year of 98club operation. Thank you for your trust!

From 1 October 2017 i will add a new trading system from my excel arsenal.. 🙂

The new system has the code name “BR” and with that name you will be able to spot in the column Sys in the Closed trades Page.  Its a time based trading strategy.

The peculiarity of this system for my subscribers is that the new signals will be updated (if any) in Open Trades every working day (Monday to Friday) from 22.30-00.30 and 06.30-07.30 gmt+3 (or gmt+2 ) with predetermined Stop Loss and Take Profit limits which will not change untill the trade is closed (…opposed to my current System “TS” which is usually Take Profit Limit fixed but the Stop Loss changes every working day).

And now some stats from the backtesting period for BR system..

– Backtesting Period (17 days before go live): 13.8 months
– Trades: 114
– Wins: 68 (59.65%)
– R/R ratio: 1/1
– Max Trade Loss Drawdown: 8
– Forex Pairs Monitored: 9
– Suggested money bank exposure  per trade: 2-3%

I am very happy to be able to help not only traders copying accurately my signals but also forex professionals and amateurs who become my subscribers to get ideas and improve even more their trading experience. Thank you again for your trust! Admin.
your.. Dude Forex advisor!


Friday, September 1st, 2017

Remember..  few trades results is not so important for safe conclusions about the trading methodology we use. Whats important is the profit or loss at the end of the month, quarter and -even better- the year!